Most Popular Articles of 2019

Posted on January 7, 2020 by Joseph Lamport

As part of a time-honored publishing tradition and service to our readers, here is a list of the most read stories that were featured in the Law Firm Marketing Brief in 2019.  What do you suppose it says about our readers and the state of the legal market in general that the most popular story was about what marketing leaders can do to help foster law firm innovation?


  1. What Marketing Leaders Can Do to Foster Innovation
  2. Hogan Lovells – A Prime Example of Law Firm Marketing That Works
  3. Altman Weil’s 2019 Report: Law Firms in Transition
  4. The Growing Trend Towards Consolidation in Legal Tech
  5. A Vision for the Future of Law by Jordan Furlong
  6. Measuring and Managing Law Firm Culture by LawVision
  7. The State (and art) of Pricing in the Legal Market
  8. The Best Law Firm Websites of 2019 from the Lawyerist
  9. The 2019 Legal Marketing Trends and BD Survey from the LMA and Bloomberg News
  10. Midsized Law Firms Handling More of the Litigation Load for the Fortune 50


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